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35,000 Walleye fingerlings released into Upper Rideau Lake

Last October, volunteers released 35,000 Walleye fingerlings around rocky shoals in the Northeastern part of the Upper Rideau

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry delivered the fingerlings by special tanker truck from the White Lake Fish Culture Station to the Sunnyside Campground boat ramp. Nets then transferred them to coolers on volunteer boats. They then took a quick boat ride to their new homes.

Unloading Walleye fingerlings
Unloading fingerlings in coolers.

They are a lively bunch. When released, they dove deep and fast in the Upper Rideau Lake.

This is a very successful project to date.


With the Upper Rideau water quality improving the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry hopes to repeat Walleye planting in the near future.


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