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Can you vote in the Westport or Rideau Lakes municipal elections?

A quick guide to the 2022 municipal elections for URLA members


In Westport, there is one Mayor and 4 Councillors, who are each elected by the Village as a whole. All Councillors and the Mayor collectively take Village decisions, as Council.

For detailed information on voting and candidates, etc., please see the following link: 2022 Municipal Election Information | Village of Westport, or speak to Village officials.

You can vote in the Village of Westport if you are:

  • a Canadian citizen

  • at least 18 years old

  • a resident in the Village of Westport

  • a non-resident of the Village of Westport but you or your spouse own or rent property in the Village

  • not prohibited from voting under any law

Rideau Lakes

In the Township of Rideau Lakes, as in Westport, the Mayor is elected across the Township (ie, there is one Mayor for the municipality). And there are eight Councillors. As in Westport, these elected officials, Councillors and the Mayor, collectively take decisions which affect our lake, and indeed, all the lakes in Rideau Lakes.

Administratively, there are four “Wards” in Rideau Lakes Township and there are two Councillors for each Ward.

Within the Township, the Upper Rideau Lake is entirely located within Ward 4, “North Crosby – Newboro Ward”. So, while the Lake Association hopes that all councillor candidates in all wards will be supportive of lake health, practically speaking, we are most interested in hearing from the candidates for Council in “our” Ward - Ward 4.

Information on who is eligible to vote, who are the candidates, when and how to vote, etc. is all available thru the following link: Rideau Lakes Election 2022 - Information for Voters, or by contacting the Township office.



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