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Fall 2021: Shoal Markers Removal

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Taking out the shoal markers is a URLA team effort

John Fenick Dennis Duncan Dave Counter

John has provided his pontoon boat for the installation and removal of the buoys, making the jobs much easier.

Missing from the photo are Peter Newgard and Paul Byrne who take care of the McNally's Bay markers.

It’s getting harder to find a calm day on the Upper Rideau to install or remove the shoal markers. We have to monitor the local weather to schedule a day and time. Our first day of removing the buoys was a little rough. When we attached the buoy to the boat while we worked to disconnect it, the wave action lifted the boat which lifted the concrete anchor and we drifted away with the anchor.

Wrestling the old, awkward and heavy spar buoy out for the last time.

This is our last spar buoy and it is being replaced with the purchase of a new buoy from Go Deep Industries in Saint John N.B.

The Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation provided URLA with 100% of the funding for the new buoy. Thank You RLEF.

The old spar buoy and its new replacement

The buoys had a rough season with the high sustained winds, wakes and the effects of an alkaline lake water.



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