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URLA volunteers building more turtle nest protectors

URLA volunteers are busy again making more turtle nest protectors.  The main egg laying season begins mid May and into June.  If you have seen turtles laying eggs on your property in the past, you may want to get a nest protector ahead of time.  You can also make your own.  You need to cover the nest the day the eggs are laid, or the raccoons or other predators may eat them. 

You can purchase a nest protector from URLA for $20.  We sell them at cost to non-URLA members.

Turtle survival is at risk on Ontario lakes

Upper Rideau Lake is home to several species of turtles, all of which are designated as species at risk. Reasons for this include many factors such as habitat loss (draining or filling of wetlands), habitat degradation ( pollution, shoreline alteration, overgrazing), predation, illegal collection for the pet industry, and death on our roads.

Watch out for me on the roads!

Hi again, everyone. My friends and I are happy that spring is here, and we will be crossing the roads to get to our favourite nesting places.

Please watch for us on the roads!  If you find one of us injured on the road, we are very tough and while we might look pretty bad, if you can get us to the hospital at the Ontario Turtle Rescue Centre, we might live.  

Carefully record where you found my turtle friend, place it in a well-ventilated container with a lid, and call the Ontario Turtle Rescue Centre 705-741-5000. They will arrange to pick it up.

Here is more information about how to help an injured turtle:


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