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The Spongy moth will soon be back.

Updated: May 29, 2023

Here's what you can do help your trees.

It is predicted that the Spongy Moth, previously known as the Gypsy moth or LDD moth (Lymantria dispar dispar), will be wreaking havoc on the trees in our area again this year.

The egg masses are expected to begin hatching into tiny leaf devouring caterpillars around the middle of May. If you have not scraped off egg masses yet this year now is the time to do so!

Things you can do to reduce defoliation of your trees

Here is a link about the lifecycle of the moth and what measures you can take at the various stages to help reduce the defoliation of your trees. Scroll down in the article to download the Spongy moth factsheet.


Trudy Counter, URLA Member at Large is spearheading our education efforts regarding endangered and invasive species.

If you're able to get involved and help Trudy, please do so by reaching out to her by email


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